Security and Protection Compliance

While Binga Services is an independent registered security company (SOB Registration No: 1187438), we are affiliated with and contract in, other security companies we believe, adhere our values, mission and service standards - enabling us to undertake large projects with ease and safety, utilising the best, and right people for the job.

Our skills and service lie in crowd control - which include planning, implementation, deployment, project management and logistics to that end. Reporting, auditing and analysis of our projects is also crucial to us constantly evolving within our service offerings.

Our Security and Protection Compliance ensures our operations and services meet the relevant Labour Law regulations and requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA).

Binga Services work closely with the Metro and SA Police services while engaging with all stakeholders within the project matrix. This ensures that our clients, affected communities and venues are informed and protected at all times, and that expectations met successfully.

Photo by Palesa from Unsplash